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about phyl

Disappointment. Failure. Heartache. Who hasn't experienced these things?  I certainly have.   At some point, I realized that I had a choice: I could let myself be defined by my circumstances, or I could reimagine my life. I chose the latter and unleashed my inner sparkle. What do I mean by inner sparkle?  It’s the part of me that feels confident, courageous and joyful when I’m in the right relationship or career or pursuing a passion. It's the part of me that knows that when I tell myself my life is "good enough," it isn't good enough. 

I've worn several hats over the course of my career: Accountant - Human Resources Leader - Tour Director - Life Coach.  


As a Life Coach, I feel that inner sparkle every time I see that "ah ha" moment on a client's face when they've just discovered something important.

I look forward to seeing that "ah ha" moment on your face!

Coach Phyl Perry

how I feed my soul

  • Hiking in nature

  • Connecting with people all over the world and sharing our stories 

  • Meeting with my book club

  • Expressing myself through creative writing 

  • Leading guided tours and helping people cross items off their bucket list

  • Dancing around the kitchen while cooking

Image by Ray Hennessy

Coaching Credentials


iNLP Center

Certified Life Coach

iNLP Center

Certified Master Practitioner of

Neuro-Linguistic Programming &

Certified Hypnotherapist

Lyra Health

Mental Health Coach


Drexel University

Master of Business Administration

Organizational Behavior

Binghamton University 

Bachelor of Science


International Tour Management Institute

Certified Tour Director/Guide

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